Greece Yacht Charters

Visit the birthplace of drama, philosophy, democracy, and the inspiration for some of the most beautiful and cherished art. Swim in the crystal clear waters under the hot Grecian sun, and then cozy up on the sandy beaches with some lovely Greek wine (or Ouzo!). In Greece you will find the perfect mix of culture, class, and history. Its location has influenced the incredibly friendly and laid back culture that appreciates the finer things in life; therefore, the Greeks take it slow. There is nothing slow about traveling in Greece, if you want to move quickly.  All the ancient ruins, glorious buildings, statues of the Gods, and countless ancient museums will challenge your mind. Greece is the perfect location for families, because there is truly something for every person.

The Cycladic Islands

When you think of Greek Islands, the Cyclades embody everything you would imagine—rugged outcroppings of rock silhouetted against a sparkling sea, ancient ruins, and more. Named for the natural circle, or Kyklos that they form, the Cyclades, sprinkled through the deep blue Aegean, are considered among the finest vacation destinations worldwide.  They provide visitors with a wide range of diverse activities and sights. These isles are especially popular with yachtsmen, given the spectacular views that are available from the water at every turn.

The history of the Cyclades goes back more than 5,000 years. They flourished during the Bronze Age with the Minoan civilization. Over the centuries, they have been invaded by a host of different armies, as well as by pirates during the Middle Ages, each leaving a little piece of their civilization behind. The Cyclades became part of independent Greece in 1827. The islands all share some distinctive features, such as the renowned Cycladic architecture, blue-domed Byzantine churches,
narrow cobblestone alleyways, sun blasted golden beaches, and quaint seaside and mountain villages. Each island, however, offers its own distinctive characteristics that make it stand out.

Some of the islands including Mykonos, Ios, and Santorini cater aggressively to tourists. For that reason, they can be busy during high season, which falls during the summer months. Others are smaller, favored by those looking for a picturesque retreat. In either case, your yacht that you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters makes the perfect base from which to sample the best the Cyclades have to offer.

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – CYCLADES ISLANDS Greece

Example Yacht Charter Itiniary – 15 Days In The Ionian

Taylor’d Yacht Charters will assist you in chartering the perfect boat and developing the itinerary that meets your desires within the limitations of the yacht you select and the duration of the charter.